an Arizona based artist, I studied filmmaking at ASU and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Herberger School in 2017. 


i was raised in a movie loving family with an art teacher as a mother, a father with a deep love of film and music, and siblings who always joined me in my world of make-believe. i grew up performing music, studying theatre, and painting my heart out. those elements combined with my southwest surroundings heavily influence my artistic look as well as my lifestyle.

i reflect my lifestyle in my photography; traveling, fashion, social issues and responsibilities, supporting local arts/businesses, and collaborating with other young local artists.

studying film was the best decision i could have made because it lead me to explore my love of cinematography and the interest i had for experimenting with framing, color, and composition.

i like to think i'm constantly evolving because every day i learn something new about art & design. if there's a new idea or project you have and are looking for a collaborator, please reach out.