In the words of Britney, "You better work, bitch"

I am among those who were raised with the mentality, "You get what you work for." And in my case it was also, "don't expect things to happen quickly." 


My father works high up in the corporate office of Harkins Theatres. Many of you who know me know this about me already. You also know that I don't necessarily love bringing it up, mostly because I desperately don't want to be associated with the reputation of a 'rich daddy's girl' who got everything she ever wanted, because I assure you that is not the case. Thankfully, I had incredible parents who raised me very specifically with that in mind. I can honestly say I did not understand the depth of my parents wealth until I was 18 years old. I always knew my dad held an important position but I simply never thought about the financial benefits because it was made very clear to me that it wasn't my money.

I started working as soon as it was legal and instead of going to sleepovers, hanging at the mall or joining a softball team, I was an usher who scooped popcorn, tore tickets, and cleaned the occasional throw up 16+ hours a week. You guessed it, I worked at Harkins. Most of my coworkers immediately gave me the dreaded and inevitable title of "rich daddy's girl' because I got a job working at one of his theatres. I focused on using that as fuel to work even harder. I can confidently say I was the most driven 16-year-old usher you ever did see. I scooped swifter than anyone, I tore tickets with the biggest smile, and cleaned throw up without a single complaint. Being my father's daughter gave me more drive to prove people wrong, and I'm thankful for that.

Another lesson instilled in me from my parents, is that although instant gratification might exist in our online world, it does not in the real one. In real one, rewards come slowly and are hard earned. As I'm sure everyone reading this has experienced, it is extremely easy to become discouraged when something doesn't immediately pay off. Sure I can get 'X' amount of favorites on my instagram pic, and boy does it feel validating, but getting 'X' amount of jobs? Getting 'X' amount of money? I know that getting my degree, working childcare jobs that I hated, and endlessly practicing at photography and videography among a million other things is all for the long game. I'm working towards something that will last and make me happy for years. I'm not going to be successful immediately and I sure as hell won't be able to pay my bills without a day job for quite some time. And that's ok.

So from time to time I like to remind myself of my parents lessons with the words of the beautiful Britney Spears, "You better work, bitch."