QuadShot | April | 70s dream


photo by bear - ashley, eric, raina, and shannon

photo by me - bear and shannon

Third time’s the charmmmmmm. I knew if I could get through planning three meetups then it meant QuadShot was f o r r e a l.

People on social media didn’t quite get what the meetup was yet or why I kept using #quadshotmeetup but I felt like if I just got through the third one, it would all be solidified.

I reached out to a model I had worked with once before, Shannon Love. In December 2018 I met her at a styled shoot with a large group of models, and while every gal their was undeniably fierce I can confidently say Shannon was my favorite. Not only was she unerringly kind and bubbly, but her technical skills and movement as a model were unlike anyone I had worked with in AZ thus far.

photo by eric daniels

photo by eric daniels

For this meetup we went to a personally nostalgic area of Arizona. Main Street in downtown Mesa is where I spent a good chunk of my childhood, running around eating tacos at Mangos, taking lessons at Milanos music, and eyeing vintage cameras at the Antique Plaza. I was pumped take a different spin on this place that had been so homey to me.

For April I connected with a new local business, Nash Collective. I had met Heather Nash, the owner, at an arts event actually in downtown Mesa where I had been tableing with my podcast. Her booth was just around the corner from us and I found the most spectacular velvet jumpsuit from her after we chatted about the Pendleton flannel I was wearing (in case you can’t tell, I geek out about fashion). I contacted her months later, out of the blue, to see if she would be interested lending us clothing for the shoot, and she was wonderfully courteous inviting me to her home office to dig through some treasure.

film photo by bear - raina, eric, and ashley hiding behind him

film photo by bear - raina, eric, and ashley hiding behind him

film photo by bear - raina, eric, and ashley

film photo by bear - raina, eric, and ashley

On the day of, us photographers all got there first, so we waited excitedly for Shannon’s arrival. Lost Dutchman Coffee House is right on the corner of Main St. and Center St. so it was a prime spot to begin our trek. And oh! I should mention the new addition to the group: Bear Prandelli. Once again, I met a local creative whilst sifting through their old clothing at Buffalo Exchange, my day job. These are the moments where customer service jobs actually shine for once, meeting cool people. Bear and his brother Wolf, (yes those are their real names) own their own production company as content creators, WulfenBear Media. I was so siked to have this rad lad with us for the April meetup.

Myself, Bear Prandelli, Eric Daniels, Ashley Baker, and Shannon Love all began traipsing through downtown mesa with Shannon in her first look, a stunning floral jumpsuit from the 70s. Apparently 45 years ago when the garment was made, they knew a model in 2019 would rock the crap outta it.

You guys, Shannon was down for a n y t h i n g. What a trooper, holy cow. We had that girl executing perfect jumps and dance moves in a cramped antique store one minute and the next getting hoisted up 10 ft high on a less-than-safe-looking bar. All the while maintaining a perfect smize.

Our last stop was a stair case attached to a building behind Milanos music. We had a unique opportunity with the lighting there and all of us photographers crammed over and under each other while we competed for that perfect shot. One perk of hanging out with Bear, I’ve learned, is that he tends to bring film cameras with him seemingly exclusively for behind the scenes photos. As most photographers can probably attest to, it’s not often we have pics of ourselves, so that was something special.

Wrapping it up that day, my heart was so full. I am so lucky, we are so lucky.


Eric Daniels - travel + concert photographer | @ericdanielss   ericdanielsphoto.com

Eric Daniels - travel + concert photographer | @ericdanielss


Ashley Baker - photographer + dancer + model | @ashleylorrainebaker   ashleylorrainebaker.com

Ashley Baker - photographer + dancer + model | @ashleylorrainebaker


Bear Prandelli - photographer + videographer | @wulfenbearmedia   wulfenbear.com

Bear Prandelli - photographer + videographer | @wulfenbearmedia


Shannon Love - model + dancer | @therealshannonlove

Shannon Love - model + dancer | @therealshannonlove